Happy New Year

It’s been a busy week with the West of Waterlooville Joint Planning Committee meeting on Monday.   The Committee granted the application for 296 residential dwellings of Phase 3A, Berewood and the principal of changing the section 106 agreement.  The report packs  (and minutes in due course) can be found here: http://havant.moderngov.co.uk/ieListMeetings.aspx?CId=375&Year=0 

The next West of Waterlooville Advisory Group meeting will be held on TUESDAY 24th January 2017 at Berewood Primary School starting at 7pm.   This meeting will alternate between Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Last blog of 2016

Dear Readers,

Apologies for the overdue nature of this blog.

2017 dates for your diary:

Monday 9th January – 10am, Havant Borough Council Plaza – West of Waterlooville Joint Planning Committee will be considering planning application for Phase 3A, 296 residential dwellings and the request to make changes to the section 106 agreement.  The full agenda and report can be found here:


Tuesday 24th January* – 7pm, Berewood Primary School – West of Waterlooville Advisory Group meeting.  More information to follow in the new year.

Site closure

As part of the site closure over the Christmas period Grainger have closed off the footpath between the river and the primary school.  This will be reopened in time for the new term.

Bridge Update

The link bridge has been further delayed.  Winchester City Council’s legal team will be following up the issue of unexplained delays.

And Finally

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and happy new year.  I’ll be back in January.


*updated on 13/01/2017



General Berewood Update

Updates for Berewood:

On 10th October an application for Phase 3A was submitted, by Barratt David Wilson Homes.  The application is for 296 dwellings.  Phase 3A is located in the area north of the Town Park and to the west of Phase 1.    Deadline for comments is the 10th November.  Please see earlier posts for details on viewing this application and the pumping station application (mostly below ground).

In the Illustrative Phasing Plan Phase 3A and B were shown as (one phase) Phase 3.  This has been split into two and Phase 3B is the area south of Phase 1. 

As Phase 3A is adjacent to the Town Park, Grainger will be required to confirm the size and location of elements of the Town Park Phase B, which will include the cricket pitch, tennis courts, pavilion and proposed boating lake (part of the Art project).  This forms part of the new community facility proposal.

Once there are 250 occupations of homes Grainger are required to give details of the size and location of the nursery and community facilities in Phase 6 known as the Local Centre.  The 250th occupation is expected to be reached in the very near future.

The phases can be seen on the up to date site plan on the new live website from Grainger all about Berewood.  http://berewoodhampshire.co.uk/site-plan/

Proposed Community Facilities:

Grainger have proposed creating an area suitable for parish council offices and meeting space in the local centre (opposite Berewood Primary School) and a larger community hall in the town park.   The outline proposal was presented to the West of Waterlooville Forum on 20th October.  The proposal was unanimously supported.  Minutes will be available on the Winchester City Council website shortly.  Further details about the buildings will be presented as part of a planning application.  This will be some time in the future as it will depend on the progress of house building and buying.  An estimate would be for 5 years time. 

Deed of Variation:

To avoid missing the trigger dates for providing information Grainger have asked for a deed of variation.  This is a legal document to allow the proposals above to be considered in good time.

Further reading can be found in the minutes and reports from the West of Waterlooville Forum in September and October.  http://www.winchester.gov.uk/meetings/ou/19/

The next meeting is the West of Waterlooville Advisory Group meeting at 7pm on 24th November at Berewood Primary School.

I’m off for the weekend so will reply to any comments on my return.



Update for Residents

Thank you for your time at the residents meeting on Thursday (20th October).

I said I would check on a few things and provide updates

1.  Abandoned silver Honda -near the roundabout at the entrance to Berewood.

The owner has been identified and asked to remove the vehicle by the end of this week.  If this does not happen the police have confirmed it is a safety risk and the council will be able to remove it and have served a notice to this effect.

2.  The original applications can be viewed online via these searches:

Old Park Farm – Taylor Wimpey use 05/40000/000
Berewood – Grainger use APP/10/00828

Old Park Farm – Taylor Wimpey use 05/00500/OUT
Berewood – Grainger use 10/02862/OUT

By selecting documents you can view the plans and section 106 agreements

More information about the various applications can be read on the planning applications page

The image below gives an over view of the plans for the West of Waterlooville Major Development Area or you can view the pdf here: wow-8-years-on


Forum and Applications

The next meeting of the West of Waterlooville Forum will be held tomorrow at 2pm in Deverall Hall, Purbrook.

There is a single item agenda for Grainger to present proposals for the location of community facilities.  More information can be found here: http://www.winchester.gov.uk/meetings/details/1607

Planning applications have been received for Phase 3A (16/02621/REM) and a pumping station (16/02550/REM) on Berewood, West of Waterlooville.  The application(s) will be decided at a Joint Committee meeting (date to be confirmed).






Come Along Tomorrow

The West of Waterlooville Advisory Group meeting is being held tomorrow evening at Berewood Primary School.  Thursday 28th September.

Starting at 7pm it’s a chance for residents to speak to councillors and hear updates about the site.

You can see the agenda by visiting the Denmead Parish Council website:


Also worth sticking in your diary is the next Forum meeting on the 20th October 2pm at Deverell Hall, Purbrook.  This meeting will be dedicated to  discussing the Town Park facilities.


Guided Tour of the Western Open Space (North)

Landscaping works are continuing on the western open space, part of the Taylor Wimpey development.  The use of heavy machinery and need for the planting to become established means it is not suitable for public access at present.

Millstone Landscapes are leading a guided tour around the western open space to see what has been done.  There are 20 places available, booking is required and priority will be given to residents of the West of Waterlooville development.

Once your place has been confirmed you will be sent joining instructions.

The tour will start at 6pm on Thursday 18th August

For further information or to register your interest please leave a comment below or e-mail kstickland<@>winchester.gov.uk (please remove <> symbols for correct e-mail address).

Other dates for your diaries are:

WoW Forum meet on Thursday 8th September at 2pm, D-day hall, Southwick

WoW Advisory Group planned meeting dates are Thursday 29th September and Thursday 24th November both at 7pm in Berewood Primary School.

You can read more about the forum here: http://www.winchester.gov.uk/meetings/ou/19/

The advisory group is an opportunity for residents to speak to councillors and council officers about the development.  Previous minutes and agendas can be found here: