Applications Update

Temporary Building:

Planning permission was granted for the temporary building application (17/00470/FUL), including a site office and community space, on the 31st July 2017.

Town Park (Phase A):

There have also been discharges of conditions for the multi use games area (MUGA for basketball and football) and youth shelter.  These will be built in the part of the Town Park next to Milk Lane.  This area will also have a play area, skate park and informal kick about area.  This is expected to be completed by the end of the year (2017).

New applications:

Applications have been submitted for:

  • Phase 13A, for 83 residential dwellings under reference 17/01772/REM
  • Pumping and substations near Phase 13A 17/01965/REM

The first can be viewed online at and the second will be available by the end of the week.

Other updates:

Archaeological investigation is taking place across the site.  There is a watching brief as construction starts on the first phase of the Town Park and the infrastructure (road) between phases 4 and 13 and multi use greenway.

Site plan from

Application update2


Opening of the Bridge and Open Spaces

Link Road Opening:

On Friday 14th July the road joining Tamworth and Houghton roads will be opened by the Mayors of Winchester and Havant at 1.15pm.

The Community Development team invite everyone to meet at the Houghton Avenue/ Berewood end of the Bridge at 1.00pm.  The official ribbon cutting will take place at 1.15pm by the Mayor of Winchester and the Mayor of Havant, after which people are encouraged to take the short walk through what will be employment land and up to the second bridge at the entrance to the Taylor Wimpey part of the development.

Please be aware the event is taking place on an exposed part of the site so dress for the weather, there are no toilet facilities. Parking is available in the car park opposite Berewood Primary School.

The bridge over the River Wallington is the longest FlexiArch bridge built to date.  This new technology was designed by Queen’s University, Belfast and Macrete.  A film of the installation can be seen here:

Sickle Way will remain open at least until the road works have been completed on Darnel Road.

Open Spaces:

The main part of the ‘Western Open Space’ will also be opened to the public on the 14th July.  Some areas will be fenced off until formal railing is installed.  The hoarding will be taken down in stages but the access point will remain open.

Areas of open space within Old Park Farm / Wellington Park have now been transferred to Winchester City Council following completion of the maintenance period.  The play area on Hambledon Road / Sickle Way is being transferred to Havant Borough Council.  The Western Open Space is being transferred to Winchester City Council in stages as the works are completed.

The Western Open Space provides a parkland and informal kick about space in the northern field (top third) and will become a wooded wildlife haven towards the south, which includes large retention basins as part of the Sustainable Urban Drainage system.

Formal paths have been laid to allow access throughout the site.

This area will continue to evolve as it matures and Taylor Wimpey will monitor the progress of the planting.  The space has been over planted to allow for some natural failure, however where required dead trees will be replaced in the next planting season (November 2017 – March 2018).

Dates for your diary:

Residents meeting – Wednesday 12th July, 7pm Berewood School

West of Waterlooville Advisory Group Meeting – Thursday 20th July, 7pm Berewood School

Update for PAWARA

On Thursday 27th April, Purbrook and Widley Area Residents’ Association had a public meeting and were provided with the following update:

1. The Western Open Space (northern section) is in the process of being transferred to Winchester City Council and it is expected to be open to the public by the end of May (hopefully earlier).

2. The link road bridge between the northern and southern sections of the development area is due to open in August 2017.  The programme of works submitted by Taylor Wimpey can be viewed on the blog – here.

3. Development has started for phase 3A for 296 residential dwellings, to the west of phase 1.  This is expected to take around 2 years to build out.

4. The application for the Town Park phase A is under consideration.  Plans were amended following comments made during the consultation period.  The consultation period has expired for this application and the blog will be updated once a decision has been issued.

5. A planning application for a temporary community building and site office was submitted and plans are being reviewed to ensure there is sufficient capacity for residents meetings.

6. Work will shortly start on the rising main which will mean the footpath through the rest of the Western Open Space can be constructed.  This will allow the linking of the whole Western Open Space / Greenway.  It is expected for this to take 12 months to complete.

7. The next phase to be developed is likely to be Phase 13A which is to the south west of Phase 2.

8. Grainger and Hampshire County Council are reviewing updated modelling data to look at the triggers for the Stakes Hill Road and Ladybridge roundabout highways works.

9. There are now over 780 occupations across the site.

10. A request will be made to Winchester City Council for a new parish council which covers the West of Waterlooville area.  Residents within 3 miles will be eligible to participate in the council but would not be able to vote.


Schedule of Works

Taylor Wimpey have issued a programme of works that will enable the link bridge between Old Park Farm / Wellington Vale and Berewood to be opened for use in August 2017.

May – electrical mains laying and street light completion

June – Completion of  side A (shared pedestrian-cycle way and road) and bridge inspection by Hampshire County Council

July – Remedial works to be undertaken and approved (if applicable by Hampshire County Council)

August – Road bridge and side A to be opened

March 2018 – Side B (footpath) to be opened once residential Phase 5 is complete

Bridge map

Once the link bridge is opened the access through Sickle Way will be closed for general access by bollards.  The work to install the bollards is scheduled to take place in July 2017.

Completion works will take place at the junction of Hambledon Road and Darnel Way from 4th May for approximately 4 weeks.

Final surfacing for the rest of Darnel Road to the Household Waste Recycling Centre is scheduled for March 2018.







Next meeting on Thursday 7pm

The next meeting of the West of Waterlooville Advisory Group will be on Thursday 30th March at 7pm in Berewood Primary School.

All residents are welcome to come and discuss the development with Councillors from Denmead and Southwick & Widley Parish Councils.   The agenda can be seen here:

One Other Update:

Work on site for Phase 3A starts this week with the laying out and construction of internal roads.




Forum Agenda

The next West of Waterlooville Forum agenda and reports have now been published.

The Forum will take place next week on Thursday 23rd March at 10am at the D-Day Memorial Hall, Southwick, PO17 6ED

A copy of the agenda and reports can be downloaded from:

Proposed dates for the next meetings are:

  • Monday 26 June 2017 – Morning
  • Monday 2 October 2017 – Afternoon
  • Thursday 22 March 2018 – Morning

Dates and venues to be confirmed.

Linking Woodland

To the west of Yew Gardens, Phase 2 Berewood work is currently underway to relocate trees.  This is part of the ecology strategy to create a woodland link from Marrelsmoor Row to Newlands Row.

This link of trees will provide a route for a variety of wildlife to travel through the site avoiding the residential areas.  This is particularly important as Hazel Dormouse is a protected species and are known to live on the southern part of the major development area.

As the woodland grows it will also provide a buffer zone between Yew Gardens and the future homes planned for Phase 13.  As shown in the image below.

Buffer plantingImage for illustrative purpose only, development and planting areas are not to scale

Other work on site has included archaeological surveys. These have found further evidence of late prehistoric settlement and activity.  Further excavations will be taking place.