Daily Archives: June 9, 2008

Monday 9th June

On site two weeks ago looking at the archaeological works on the south site. The archaeologists are carefully mapping out the various areas and painstakingly recording any finds. There are signs of Roman occupation with lots of pottery fragments.

Also on the south site there have been reptile ‘hibernacula’ created. These are areas designed to attract any reptiles on site (slow worms, snakes, lizards) so they can be transported away from any development land.  Tiles, pipes or similar items are placed in spots where the reptiles will hide. A Great Crested Newt Fence has been erected to prevent the Great Crested Newts for entering the developable land area from the south of the sites too, see an example below.

An example of a newt fence

 On the southern site, you may be aware that some of the archaeological works have affected some of the rights of way and in particular, the Milk Lane access works have meant that walkers are ay some risk from site traffic. I am working urgently with the developer, Hampshire County Council and the rights of way officerto mitigate this situation as quickly as possible.  Another footpath has been obscured by planting, the rights of way officer will be discussing this with the estate manager.

The large oak tree just beyond Milk Lane should have protection up around it within the next two weeks and the developer has put out a tender for a contractor to supply protection for all the other trees that are subject to a TPO (tree protection order).  Similarly, on the north of the site, the developer there has placed an order for their protective fencing. All protection has to be to a British Standard, as this picture shows.