Daily Archives: June 27, 2008

Recent site information

Having visited the Southern site in the last two days I see that the sign for the public footpath has been re-instated at the Milk Lane entrance, unfortunately, further in beyond the oak tree there has been some fly tipping.

I will be meeting the developer on site next week to discuss in detail the Rights of Way, the fly tipping and possible actions to discourage travellers, who are believed to be in the area, from taking up residency on site.

Tree protection materials have been ordered for the whole site, sadly the fencing, which had been delivered to the northerly Taylor Wimpey site, was stolen, so they have had to re-order.

Joint Planning Committees 16th and 17th June

On Monday the 16th June a joint (Havant and Winchester) Planning Committee was held at Havant Borough Council. Monday’s session was to decide on two applications from Taylor Wimpey, the first application was the design codes for the northern part of the site. The second for the infrastructure in the same area. The design codes set the standard for any future planning applications on the site and will be a reference point for officers from both authorities when considering future applications. The infrastructure application includes strategic matters; highways (including footpaths and bridleways), drainage, tree surveys, ground investigation, ecology surveys/mitigation and construction traffic management. There was some lively debate on the applications, particularly the design codes, but after careful deliberation both were approved unanimously.

Tuesday 17th was a similar scenario, considering the same type of applications from Grainger PLC. There was again some lively debate and both applications were approved.