Daily Archives: October 28, 2008

Planning Matters and Trees

As you may know, the present date for joint planning committee consideration of the Wimpey Phase 1 Housing Application is the 20th November at Havant BC. The case officers at Havant and WCC are working hard to prepare their report and hence recommendation for this meeting, this involves including consultation responses that have been received.

I am pleased to report that the tree protection has been completed on the Old Park Farm Site, including this tree, which had a sorry piece of tape around it and now has full Heras rail fencing in accordance with the British Standard.

Before full protection

Before full protection

 I have always thought that even though there is minimal activity on site at the moment, it’s important to have the trees looked after well ahead of time especially as they have Tree Protection Orders on them.

The barrier is in place at Milk Lane on the Plant Farm Site, it is lockable and should prevent unauthorised access for vehicles.