Report Writing and Roads

As already mentioned, the proposal for Phase 1 Housing (Wimpey) goes to joint Committee on the 20th November, so we (both Havant and Winchester) have been busy writing the report with various appendices, this should be available under the Committees web page on the 12th November.

There has been some concern regarding the roadworks at Hambledon Road/Maurepas Way, following is the response via  HCC:

 Dear Councillors Wride and Shimbart,

Following your recent comments received regarding the current roadworks at Hambledon Road/Maurepas Way roundabout and adjoining sections of carriageway I have now had a chance to discuss your concerns with the Highways Inspector, the local NRSWA Co-ordinator, and the Developer’s Contractor and Resident Engineer. I have also delayed my response to you as the third phase of traffic management has now been implemented as of 3rd November, and this phase has slightly differing traffic management requirements from the previous phase.

Following my discussions with the relevant parties I can advise you that the latest phase of traffic management has enabled the larger proposed roundabout to be used, which increases the capacity and flow of vehicles around the junction. This in turn eases the congestion on the approaches to the roundabout.

In addition to this, once the proposed street lighting works on Hambledon Road are completed this week, the length of dual carriageway on Hambledon Road will increase, as the single lane and merge in turn signs are moved closer to the proposed roundabout. This will increase the capacity of Hambledon Road between the roundabout and the Retail Park signals, relieving pressure on the Retail Park signalised junction on Hambledon Road.

It is expected that the latest phase of traffic management and the increased capacity of Hambledon Road will reduce the queues in and out of the retail park. The contractor, Dyer and Bulter has also reprogrammed some major elements of work on Maurepas Way until after Christmas to avoid any additional disruption during build up to the seasonal break. Consideration has been given to extending the working hours, but this would unfortunately provide little benefit.

I am also advised by the local NRSWA Co-ordinator that there are to be no restrictions to the roadspace as of 5th December 2008, during the Christmas trading hours. The minimum requirement will be for two narrow lanes of carriageway approaching and exiting the roundabout, in all directions, mirroring what was available prior to the road works commencing.

Opening of the Aston Road/Jubilee Road closure has been considered several times in the past but has been discounted due to the road safety and rat running concerns through residential roads.

I trust the above is of help to you.

Paul Jenkins Senior Engineer Mott Gifford

I will be attending the PAWRA meeting on the 27th November, look forward to seeing some of you there.

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