Newlands Meadow and Committee

I had a communication from Cllr McIntosh last week raising some concern about tree damage at ‘The Meadow’, we visited the site last week on the 13th and examined the damage to the trees, also observing that the tenant had planted up the meadow.
It must be remembered that this is in the reserve site but is also a SINC (Site of Importance for Nature Conservation). So I contacted the developer who has since written to the tenant. They have asked the tenant to grow out and harvest the wheat crop, then let the land revert to natural status leaving the flora alone. I will keep an eye on this area over the coming months.
Joint planning committee was held yesterday for Taylor Wimpey phase 1 residential, after a lively debate, the scheme was given delegated approval subject to some further details being agreed and clarified by officers.
This is really exciting! I know I am relatively recent to the MDA, but for those of you who have lived with this for some years, at last it looks like plans will become reality.
Check on the Winchester City Council website in a couple of weeks to see the minutes of this meeting.

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