Monthly Archives: January 2009

New Year

A Happy and Healthy New Year to you all. I had an interesting meeting with the Grainger site team on the 16th December to discuss their Environmental Management Plan. This details the planning and control of on-site works, including health and safety procedures. You can see the start of the SUDS (sustainable urban drainage system) by the roundabout where the works are ongoing in particular the basin.
The contractors are certain they will finish the works in February and the landscaping will then commence throught the spring and summer at the appropriate times for the specific planting.
They have been keeping a record of all recyclables and nothing from the site has gone off-site to be used as landfill elsewhere, it has all been retained and used on-site.
The site has also been audited to verify compliance with the considerate constructors scheme, this is a nationally acclaimed standard for construction sites and this site came out of the audit very well.