New Year

A Happy and Healthy New Year to you all. I had an interesting meeting with the Grainger site team on the 16th December to discuss their Environmental Management Plan. This details the planning and control of on-site works, including health and safety procedures. You can see the start of the SUDS (sustainable urban drainage system) by the roundabout where the works are ongoing in particular the basin.
The contractors are certain they will finish the works in February and the landscaping will then commence throught the spring and summer at the appropriate times for the specific planting.
They have been keeping a record of all recyclables and nothing from the site has gone off-site to be used as landfill elsewhere, it has all been retained and used on-site.
The site has also been audited to verify compliance with the considerate constructors scheme, this is a nationally acclaimed standard for construction sites and this site came out of the audit very well.

4 responses to “New Year

  1. This morning there is again total chaos at the Waterlooville ASDA roundabout with queues stretching to the Milton Road Roundabout in one direction and Forest End and London Road roundabouts in the others. One of our clients has just advised that it has taken them 20 minutes to get from the A3M to Milton Road! The apparent lack of any material progress on this project is incredible. I’m sure that most local residents and workers reading that the work has been deemed “considerate construction” in this recent audit will be wondering what would constitute inconsiderate construction! How much longer is this disruption to be endured?

    • Unfortunately any sort of site works involving the public highway will cause some delays. These works are due to be finished on February 20th, barring any major unforseen problems or extreme weather. The landscaping will be ongoing through spring and summer as the different species have to be planted according to their requirements.
      The ‘considerate construction’ scheme considers various standards that include environmental awareness, health and safety on site as well as communication with the public.
      If you still have concerns with the management of the scheme, as all works are implemented under guidance from Hampshire County Council you may wish to contact them. 0845 635633, or there is an online form on their website.
      Regards. Jacky Wilson

  2. I’m intrigued, there seemed to be a big rush in the summer to get the fencing up along Hambledon Rd, opposite Hambledon Parade shops, and not an awful lot seems to have happened since. What’s happened/happening on this site? Has this development been struck by the credit crunch and delayed? We live in the Berg Estate opposite and are interested to find out how its progressing and will impact upon us.
    The fence is really unsightly! It used to be a really picturesque view up to Portsdown Hill.
    BTW Good to see this blog up and running. Its a good way to keep in touch and find out what’s happening with this development.

    • Mike, the hoarding went up last summer as although it didn’t look as though much was being done there were some works done on the main entranceway and the archaeologists were on site for some months. This meant that there was equipment on site, so the hoarding offered some protection against potential theft/damage. It’s also preventing any iflux of travellers. I realise it’s not the most attractive sight, we are hoping to involve budding artists at local schools or similar to brighten it up, I realise this will not give you your view back.

      Within the next few weeks the formal planning permission(s) will be issued for the Wimpey Phase 1 residential planning application (110 residential units) and associated infrastructure. I can’t comment if the developer will start building or not.
      Glad you like the blog, any other queries, just ask!

      have a good weekend. Jacky

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