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Maurepas Way Works – Update

We had a site meeting yesterday so this is the latest information – The re-tarmacing, white lining and anti skid work is ongoing, aiming for completion by the 6th March. Landscaping will continue through to the 9th of April, the aim is to have all the cones etc cleared away in time for the Easter weekend.
The actual site the workman have been occupying will be de-commissioned, but not in total. The mud will be cleaned away, the hard standing and fencing will stay with extra gate security and bunds (piles of earth across entry points) to prevent unwanted access. Some sub and top soil will remain – along with the remnants of the workmans site, in preparation for Phase 1 of the residential building.

Moving onwards

New sign at roundabout

New sign at roundabout

I was informed last week by Grainger that they will be starting to re-plant trees on the southern part of the site by Marlesmoor Coppice, this is to replace trees removed to enable infrastructure works. The saplings will be protected by deer fencing and at the same time the area will be seeded with wild flower mix, all part of the ecological mitigation.
At the Maurepas Way roundabout the works are nearly completed, delayed slighly by the extreme weather we had a couple of weeks ago. The reed beds are starting to be planted up, further planting will occurover the next few months. There is an actual ‘Newlands Common’ sign up now.

February 2009

Some of you may have seen activity on the Taylor Wimpey site along the Hambledon Road. They are preparing to commence on their first phase residential (means they’re going to build houses!)as soon as the formal planning permission is issued.

Grainger are re-looking at their roll out plan bearing in mind the market place situation today, they stay in regular contact with WCC and HBC but nothing concrete has been confirmed yet.
The works on the roundabout (Maurepas Way) wer on target to complete 20th February, I visited the site last week for a bit of a tour. It was explained to me then that they hoped to re-lay the road surface starting yesterday, but the materials need the air temperature to be plus 5. As it was nowhere near that yesterday! this will delay the completion of these works.