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23rd June Update

I have been assisting Havant Borough Council with the public consultation for their Local Development Framework Draft Core Strategy. In English, this is an exercise each local authority has to go through (replacing the previous local plan process) to identify their preferred sites for development. The housing numbers have to meet the targets the government set in the recently approved South East Plan.
Anyway, I will be in Waterlooville precinct on Friday 10th July with Havant colleagues if any one has any specific questions to ask me.

There will be a West of Waterlooville forum on the 3rd of August which the local community groups will be invited to as usual.
I will be down on site tomorrow, any ineresting photos I’ll post next week.
Below is the plan for Taylor Wimpey phase 1 residential which is being built now.

Taylor Wimpey phase 1

This weeks updates

SDC11464Wimpey up to windowTaylor Wimpey (Bryant) are cracking on with the building off the Hambledon Road, the recent spell of good weather has helped.
Meanwhile, Grainger have been planting up small copse down near the gas compound to the south of their site as part of the ecological mitigation works.