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27th July 2009

Taylor Wimpey (Bryant) are continuing to build at a steady pace, they have 46 units under construction including the block of apartments. They are now roofing some of the units too.Roof on



8th July 2009

As mentioned in my last update, I’m helping HBC with their draft core options and will be in the London Road pedestrian precinct this coming Friday, 10th July between 10 and 2 for any questions specific to the MDA.

Dormouse bridge

I had a long walk through the Grainger site a couple of weeks ago, it was really interesting as I had never been through the whole site before, one of the unusual things I saw was a dormouse bridge (see above). These are strung between the trees to help the dormice travel from copse to copse safely when there are groundworks. They are aerial walkways similar to those used by red squirrels on the Isle of Wight.

Strictly nocturnal

The walkway, made of steel rope,  runs above any ground works and tied to trees on either side. Dormice live almost exclusively in trees and are trained to clutch branches in a vice-like grip from a very early age.

People will be lucky to see the rope bridge being used as Dormice spend three-quarters of their life asleep and are a strictly nocturnal species.

Dormice details
The dormouse is a protected species
It feeds on berries, nuts, pollen and insects
It is arboreal, which means it tends to live in trees
There are 14 species of nocturnal dormice worldwide
The creatures resemble small squirrels rather than mice

There are no groundworks on the site as yet, but putting the bridges  in is part of the ecological mitigation that the developers are commited to.



Taylor Wimpey  (Bryant) are holding an open day at their Dukes Meadow site on  Sunday 19th July with BBQ and refreshments, this is for the whole community to attend.  So turn up and have a chat with them.