Don’t forget, the Grainger team have a public exhibition today and tomorrow at Waterlooville Community Centre, 10, Maurepas Way (next to Asda). From 1:30pm to 7:30pm today and 10am to 3pm tomorrow.

This is your opportunity to have your say!

2 responses to “Newlands

  1. i have concerns about the grainger development which will affect me directly i live at plantfarm cottages they seem to want to build 12meter high 3 storey houses right outside my home what can i do?

    • Pete, I think firstly you have to understand before the revised Masterplan and subsequent planning applications are approved by both Winchester City Council and Havant Borough Council nothing is fixed. There have been various public consultations on the draft masterplan and there will be another one early next year (look at newlandshampshire web site to keep up to date) when you can voice your view and speak directly to the developers. When any planning applications are submitted, you will be able to make representation.

      I hope that helps

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