Rumour and Forum Meeting

There is a rumour circulating that a mosque is going to be built on the MDA, this subject first raised its head about 18 months ago. There are no plans to build a mosque anywhere on the MDA, so the rumour is unfounded.

The next Forum meeting will be on the 7th July at 10am, it’s being held at the D-day Memorial Hall Southwick. 

Work has started on the Toucan crossing opposite the Hambledon Parade on Hambledon Road.

2 responses to “Rumour and Forum Meeting

  1. I understand there is to be a public exhibition about Newlands at Waterlooville Community Hall on Friday and Saturday this week; why is this being kept so quiet. I can’t find anything on Winchester or Havant’s websites.

    • James,

      Apologies for the lack of advertising of this meeting. I have been in a meeting all morning but have just been asked to add the information to this blog and the WCC website. I am unsure as to why this was not done earlier.

      Sarah – stepping in for Jacky the blog author as I have been told she is away)

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