Joint Planning Committee 3rd April 2012 Taylor Wimpry

The joint planning committee sat yesterday to consider the application by Taylor Wimpey for their final two phases, 3 and 4 at the West of Waterlooville MDA as described below.

Reserved matters application under Outline planning 05/00500/OUT (WCC) and APP/12/00009 (HBC) condition 7 with relevant part clearance of outline planning conditions 6, 8, 21, 22 and 24; third and fourth phases of residential development – 219 no. dwellings; 178 no. houses and 41 no. apartments and 17 no. live/work units

Condition 8 was excluded from this approval and delegated to officers awaiting submission of an appropriate  and actual materials palette.

Permission was granted. This concludes the residential element of the Northern part of the MDA

2 responses to “Joint Planning Committee 3rd April 2012 Taylor Wimpry

  1. The Taylor / Wimpey development on the Denmead road Waterlooville is more than an architectural carbuncle – to use one of Prince Charles’s analogies it is a travesty in house design, how it passed the planning stage goodness knows so I therefore hope that this further development is an improvement. These are not just my views but views of everyone I have spoken with. There is so much good house design over recent years how did this dreadful site happen? It looks like a cross with a prison block and a stranded Battleship.The houses within the development remind me of my young childrens early drawings of houses, do I presume that the architect was chosen from the local nursery school?
    If this design was based on costs,and therefore a excuse, I really do not believe it – good design need not cost any more, and to think we have to live with this development for years and years.

    • Mr Plimmer, we have concluded that the design of this frontage is very much personal taste and at planning stages. both Outline and Reserved Matters we had very few, if any, representations made, which is when people could have made their opinions known, but chose not to.
      The architecture will soften as the landscaping matures and to look at it from another perspective, the whole site has been selling extremely well, predominately off plan. So I presume the purchasers are content with the design.

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