Grainger Site update 18th April 2012

The decsion notice for Phase 1 of the Grainger site was issued from Winchester on Friday 30th March. This followed the signing of the update legal agreement (S106). Grainger will now commence on site just off the Maurepas Way roundabout, they’ll be laying out the roads and associated services (gas/electric/water) first. This  site has been known as Newlands, but has now been rebranded and will be known as Berewood, so if you see that name, you’ll know what it means!

Construction on residential units is expected to start later on this Summer. Any questions give me a call 01962 848583.

5 responses to “Grainger Site update 18th April 2012

  1. Since the first stages of this development is the laying out of roads etc., what thoughts have been given to preventing rat runs i.e. road routes that “will” be used by motorists trying to by-pass the inevitable log-jams around the roundabouts and junctions ?

    • Hi, there have been extensive studies and modelling of traffic routes both within the immediate MDA site and further afield including Motorway junctions. A number of measures to mitigate the increase in traffic are funded from the Legal Agrrement (S106) which the devlopers have signed and will be monitored.

  2. This is the only green belt near Waterlooville. The demise of the area!

  3. Totally agree. You now have to contend with the relocated HWRC and the traffic it will bring

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