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25th September 2012 New Primary School at the West of Waterlooville Development

The Masterplan for the West of Waterlooville includes sites for two 2 form entry primary schools. Based on the expected rate of development, we are planning for the first of these schools (on the northern part of the Berewood site) to open in September 2014. Design work is now under way and we expect to make a planning application in October 2012. The new school would serve the northern parts of the Berewood development, together with the Taylor Wimpey (Old Park Farm) site as access from that development to the new school site will be available by the planned opening date.

Under the Education Act 2011, there is a presumption that new schools should be academies, so in the first instance the County Council  has to seek an academy sponsor. This is done by publishing details on the County Council’s web site and notifying any potential sponsors of whom we are aware. The Department for Education will also put details on their web site to advise other potential sponsors. Any bids are collected by the County Council and sent on to the DfE (with any recommendations we wish to make) but it will be for the Secretary of State to decide which (if any) sponsor will be successful. In the meantime, the County Council will continue with the design and building of the school.

The invitation to submit academy proposals is now available at (this will be live later this afternoon)

The new school will open with places for 60 year R pupils and we will need to discuss with the academy how to phase in admissions into older age groups. Children from the Duke’s Meadow development already attend schools in the surrounding area. They will not be required to move to the new school when it opens, although parents may wish to apply. It is likely that there will be about 150 houses occupied in the Berewood development by the time the new school opens and any pupils from those houses will need to find places in schools in the surrounding area.

The second primary school, in the south of the Berewood development, will not be built until it is justified by the progress of development. On current estimates , this school would not need to open until at least 2018. Some of the southern parts of the Berewood development are already in the catchment area of Purbrook Infant and Junior Schools and there is no reason why this should not continue to be the case.

West of Waterlooville Forum Date and Time confirmed

This meeting will be held on the 12th November 2012, starting 10am at the D Day Memorial Hall Southwick