Taylor Wimpey Site Western Open Space Plans

A number of people have requested these plans so I’ve made them available here.

Western POS amendments JSL1614_521B_P1Western POS amendments JSL1614_522B_P1Western POS amendments JSL1614_525_P1Western POS amendments JSL1614_550_C_P1

7 responses to “Taylor Wimpey Site Western Open Space Plans

  1. I notice that a lot of red & white poles and orange plastic fencing have gone up in the Western Open Space. Is this the start of work on the landscaping?

    • Pete, the weather isn’t good for most landscaping. What they are doing is starting to put some spoil up there to contour the land making the area more interesting prior to landscaping and creating the informal kick about area. Jacky

  2. I live on the dukes meadow development and have been watching the landscaping with interest. I have now heard rumours that part of the open space may now be used for a further 100 homes, is there any truth in that? Also why does this council insist on putting children’s recreational areas right next to a busy main road?

    • Nathan, there are no proposals for housing on any of the land allocated for open space, but early discussion for some units on land allocated for employment. I assume by children’s recreation you mean the play area on Sickle Way? This location was agreed at Masterplan and Outline planning application stage and was approved by both authorities with no comment by members of the public. The area has also been signed off by ROSPA (Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents), there is always a balance with play sites, too near residential and there are complaints, too far away and they are isolated with no overlooking for safety.

  3. Thank you for the swift reply. Without trying to sound like a grumpy local, the fact that no one complained about the location of a kids play area location is probably because it was the least of people’s concerns at master plan.

    Anyway, just food for thought but if the council do approve an extra 20% of houses on a development, an extra 100 on top of the 450, (just because the builders can’t shift employment plots) surely opens the flood gates for all developments in the future. Every development would apply for permission for x number of houses to be built, knowing that later on in the build they’ll be granted permission for another 20% Should certain plots not sell as they would like.

    Perhaps bloor homes are already eyeing up 1600 houses to be built instead of the 1350 that has already been approved.

    • Nathan, it is not a given that permission will be given, TW have to prove thay have marketed the employment space in a thorough and proper manner and due process will take this through joint committee. The southern site is not Bloor, Bloor Homes have Phase 1 of the build, the site owners are Grainger PLC and the build out of the permitted houses is likley to take 15 – 20 years, who knows what the existing circunstances will be like then.

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