Monthly Archives: July 2013

Rumours for the West of Waterlooville MDA

There are various rumours circulating, again, particularly regarding the Berewood site – regarding a proposed faith building. I can categorically state that no approach has been made to either Havant Borough Council or Winchester City Council for construction of any faith building on this MDA. If anyone has concerns regarding any subject on this site, please contact me. Thanks 01962 848583.

Grainger Phase 2 Berewood South of Milk Lane

Plan – Berewood Phase 2 Infrastructure area for conditions dischargev1.0-3The Grainger team have been working for some time in this area with archaeological works before starting to put in the roads and services. They now have clearance to start this work, so there will be more activity over the coming months. We have not yet had a detailed application for residentail units. The attached plans hows the area being developed for Phase 2