Monthly Archives: January 2014

Update on Applications and Meetings

We have now received the Application for the Town Park, Phase A  14/00092/REM (associated with Phase 2 Residential). The Town Park is a very large area and bordered by various phases of the overall development, it makes sense to submit the detail in stages, so Phase A is the southernmost part which will directly benefit the Residential Build on Phase 2 and residents who live nearby along the London Road. 

Along with the Phase 2 Residential submission – 14/00068/REM is a request to discharge 2 conditions. 11, which includes amonst the detial a Construction Traffic Management Plan – clarifying again that NO construction traffic is to pass through Purbrook and 16, which details measures to be taken in the construction of houses alongside London Road to protect them from road noise.

The next Forum meeting will be held on Friday 21st March at 10am in the Hollybank Room, Havant Council Building.

Links to new applications

Here is the link to the Taylor Wimpey proposed Phase 5 application:

And Phase 2 Residential at Berewood (I have not uploaded all of the documents yet).

Current Applications

Just before Christmas we received the proposed Phase 5 application for Taylor Wimpey (13/02843/FUL) and today we have had the Redrow application for  Phase 2 residential on the Grainger site delivered, this is now being validated. An application for the Town Park is expected in the next couple of days, a Joint Planning Committee will be arranged in due course.