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Alleged use of land and Affordable Housing allocation on the MDA

There are various ‘rumours’ circulation withing the wider MDA area of Waterlooville/Purbrook and possibly further.One of these is that parcels of affordable housing are being offered to other authorities in the UK. This is a fallacy, all housing follows the normal practice in Hampshire using the Homechoice procedure, a link is below:

The second one is that a Mosque is to be built on site. Despite extensive consultation throughout the MDA’s inception and consequent phases, there has been no request for any type of faith building on site. 




Joint Committee June 2014

We have scheduled the date of 17th June 2014 to consider the Berewood Phase 2 application, Berewood Town Park and Taylor Wimpey proposed Phase 5.  This Committee will be held at Havant Borough Council offices, running ordered to be determined.