Updates July 10th 2014

All items considered at the joint planning Committee on 17th June were permitted.

Redrow Homes now have to clear all their pre-commencement conditions and s106 deliverables before they can start building.

It’s worth going to look at the Berewood Phase 2 site if you can, the contractor Careys who were responsible for the Infrastructure have more or less left the site, it’s tidy, very accessable and you can see the road layout.

I was there yesterday as the following photo’s show:


View from Milk Lane to the SouthView from Oak Tree to Milk Lane



3 responses to “Updates July 10th 2014

  1. Please can you tell me what is happening to Plant Farmhouse? I’ve heard it is being demolished. This would be tragic. It was Listed as an historic building so it could be preserved as an important feature for the community. Why was it not properly secured? I was born there and it was my home for 70 years’.

    • David, unfortunately, despite best efforts to protect Plant Farmhouse it has now been demolished with the go ahead from English Heritage. I agree it is a loss, however I know the developer tried their utmost to protect the farm from vandals/scavengers and eventually it was so unstable, and seen as dangerous, so had to be removed.

  2. i have to agree with David. i thought the old farm house would be restored as a feature of the estate. it was still in a good condition when first sold. I have watched it be left open to vandalism and saddened to see it deteoriate to a few remaining walls and was really upset to see it had been flattened. it would have added character to the new estate . i have walked my dogs regularly for some years across Plant farm and this just shows how little regard developers have for what was a listed building. a huge shame!

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