Site updates October 9th 2014

Development moves on apace – we now have applications in for a Nursing Home and Extra Care Home on the Taylor Wimpey site, some of you may recall both sites have Outline planning permission. These new applications will be called to the  Joint Planning Committee at a date to be confirmed. They are: 14/01935/REM –  Nursing Home (totally in WCC district) and 14/02215/FUL (WCC and Havant Borough).

Along the London Road by Milk Lane Redrow have started building Phase 2 of the Berewood development. The Infrastructure works for Phase 3 have also been approved, we are expecting an application for the residential detail on Phase 3 early in 2015. Please see phasing plan below:

MDA Grainger

 Despite constantly stating that neither Winchester nor Havant have recieved an application for any faith school on site the rumours still seem to be circulating. Please be assured, any applications over and above the approved masterplans and outline permissions would be very well publicised.

To finish on a positive note, I recently visited the new school and it’s absolutely delightful. Well done to all who delivered this marvellous facility bang on schedule,   it will be a asset for many years to come.

2 responses to “Site updates October 9th 2014

  1. Please can you advise where we can see proper detail of the new access proposed at the southern end of the site which appears to be joining on to the Purbrook London/Ladybridge Road roundabout? Having spent several hours trying to find reference to this in any council pages I thought I’d ask someone who might know!

  2. Jenny, the best I can do is send you the plan from the S106 legal agreement, this is indicative only. The exact engineering detail will be submitted when the developer applies for the Phase 4 Infrastructure permission. Hope that helps.

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