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Updates January 2015

A belated Happy New year to you all.

There has been some detail on the bridge from the Grainger site across to the North released in the press. Further details can be found on Queens University Belfast website, search under FlexiArch. The unique design means the bridge can be installed in 1 day instead of several weeks.

A recent Arts meeting had a presentation on some interesting work some of the young people in the area have been enjoying. You can see the detail here:

Placemarker Project 

The information gained will be used as a foundation for future Artwork across the MDA.

On a planning note, we have received an application from Grainger for a Private Rental Scheme of 104 residential units close to the Phase 1 Bloor site, the area was designated as mixed use in the Masterplan. This will be heard at a joint planning Committee, date to be confirmed.

You will also see that on the higher land to the south of Phase 1 work has started on the Infrastructure for Phase 3 and soon you will see works starting on the Western side of the Grainger site. There is a need to put a new rising main in along this side and on top of it will be the footpath/cycleway/bridleway for future users of this Western Open Space.