Illustrated MDA Map

Hi All,

Please find below an illustrated Map of the MDA. The map identifies the overall site by phase number and I have labelled several features which I hope proves quite handy. I hope this may answer any questions that anyone may have about the location of aspects of the West of Waterlooville MDA.

Kind Regards,


MDA Illustrated Map

3 responses to “Illustrated MDA Map

  1. That’s very useful, thanks Joe. Regarding the northernmost part of the Western Open Space: do you know if that is still going to be an “informal kickabout area” as per earlier proposals?

    • Hi Pete,

      Yes the norternmost part of the Western Open Space (close to Hambledon Road) is intended as an informal kickabout/amenity space. Taylor Wimpey’s Landscape Contractor (Millstone) has very recently finished grading works to level the area and I understand seeding works have been finished before winter approaches! Watch this space! Joe.

  2. That’s great, cheers, Joe!

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