Updates February 2016

Multi-use greenway –

There has always been on the plans for the whole site a ‘path’ (bridleway/cycle way, walkway), extending from the Hambledon Road to the North, right down to Purbrook Heath Road in the South. We have recently met with both developers y and  agreed the physical characteristics of this route. Taylor Wimpey have started to put theirs in; it’s obviously some considerable distance and will take time to complete, but when it’s finished it will be a lovely route across the very green Western Open Space with some fantastic views.

The care and extra care homes on the TW site are building out quickly, there have been some very minor amendments which are going through consideration and the sub-station has been approved and will be built when the weather improves!

We are expecting a planning application this year for Phase 3 on the Grainger site, the Infrastructure works are completed. The planning application will give detail on the proposed residential units to be built.

I am aware of lorries on both the Bloor and Redrow sites turning right and driving through Purbrook; both sites have been reminded they should not be doing this but leaving the area via Hulbert Road to connect with the A3.


Finally I will be retiring from the Council at the end of February, it has been a pleasure to watch this MDA site grow over the last 8 years, with it’s various tribulations. Thank you to all those who have taken an interest and particularly those who have helped me out on various occasions.

Best of luck, Jacky.


9 responses to “Updates February 2016

  1. Hi Jacky,
    In the south west corner where the public right of way enters / exits the Western Open Space, a No Entry sign has been put up. Is that right? I thought the PRW was meant to remain open throughout.

  2. Hi Pete, is that by the cut through to Closewood?

    • Hi, no, this was at the end furthest away from Hambledon Rd; where, if heading south, you jump over the plastic reptile fence and cross the stream via a narrow wooden bridge. There might be another one by the Closewood cut through but I didn’t check there.

      • Update: there is no sign by the cut-through to Closewood, but the one in the SW corner is still there.

        Btw, some of the new planting goes right up to the hedgerow, so the public right of way will be impassable at those points unless the hedgrow is trimmed back – I suppose people can go round and use the new path at those bits, but worth being aware of.

  3. Pete, I have checked with the developer and they had no knowledge of this sign and are going to investigate. Planting noted, the planting and open space across the site will be thoroughly checked prior to adoption by the local authority.

  4. One last quick question, if I may: who is doing the landscaping?

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