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Berewood children’s growing success

Children from Berewood Primary School were delighted to see that 390 acorns they collected and planted last autumn have grown into 273 oak saplings up to half-a-metre tall.

Pupils growing oaks

Daniel, Max, Dominika, Zac and Nicola show their saplings.

In May more than 50 pupils re-potted the saplings as part of a public art programme for the Berewood site in the West of Waterlooville Major Development area.

This potting session is one of many events in It takes 700 acorns to grow a boat, a community growing project that will eventually lead to 700 oak trees being planted by local volunteers in Berewood as the development grows.

Place-making and public art agency, Futurecity, are curating and managing the project on behalf of the West of Waterlooville Arts Advisory Panel, which includes elected district and parish councillors as well as technical officers from each Council.

The Panel is keen to hear from any residents living in the development who would like to participate in future meetings. Residents should contact Jaime Bridges, Havant Borough Council’s Community Development Officer, at

You can read the full press release here: