Update for Residents

Thank you for your time at the residents meeting on Thursday (20th October).

I said I would check on a few things and provide updates

1.  Abandoned silver Honda -near the roundabout at the entrance to Berewood.

The owner has been identified and asked to remove the vehicle by the end of this week.  If this does not happen the police have confirmed it is a safety risk and the council will be able to remove it and have served a notice to this effect.

2.  The original applications can be viewed online via these searches:

Old Park Farm – Taylor Wimpey use 05/40000/000
Berewood – Grainger use APP/10/00828

Old Park Farm – Taylor Wimpey use 05/00500/OUT
Berewood – Grainger use 10/02862/OUT

By selecting documents you can view the plans and section 106 agreements

More information about the various applications can be read on the planning applications page

The image below gives an over view of the plans for the West of Waterlooville Major Development Area or you can view the pdf here: wow-8-years-on


4 responses to “Update for Residents

  1. Any chance of making the ‘8 years on’ jpg bigger or able to download the full version? I can’t make it out at that size I’m afraid! Thanks

  2. I’ve added a link to the PDF which should be a bit clearer.

    • Thanks for the very quick response! Is there also somewhere where we can see what facilities are being built near the swimming pool? I can see there’s a McDonald’s nearing completion but where can we find what else is earmarked for the area? (e.g. Cinema’s, restaurants, bowling alley etc.?)

  3. You may be aware that development is not part of the West of Waterlooville Major Development Area so I don’t have access to any information that isn’t publicly available.

    I can confirm that planning consent was given for a foodstore (Lidl – APP/15/00772 ) and a restaurant / drive through (McDonalds – APP/15/00773). The developer’s website shows that they are advertising the land as suitable for retail, leisure and trade.

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