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General Berewood Update

Updates for Berewood:

On 10th October an application for Phase 3A was submitted, by Barratt David Wilson Homes.  The application is for 296 dwellings.  Phase 3A is located in the area north of the Town Park and to the west of Phase 1.    Deadline for comments is the 10th November.  Please see earlier posts for details on viewing this application and the pumping station application (mostly below ground).

In the Illustrative Phasing Plan Phase 3A and B were shown as (one phase) Phase 3.  This has been split into two and Phase 3B is the area south of Phase 1. 

As Phase 3A is adjacent to the Town Park, Grainger will be required to confirm the size and location of elements of the Town Park Phase B, which will include the cricket pitch, tennis courts, pavilion and proposed boating lake (part of the Art project).  This forms part of the new community facility proposal.

Once there are 250 occupations of homes Grainger are required to give details of the size and location of the nursery and community facilities in Phase 6 known as the Local Centre.  The 250th occupation is expected to be reached in the very near future.

The phases can be seen on the up to date site plan on the new live website from Grainger all about Berewood.

Proposed Community Facilities:

Grainger have proposed creating an area suitable for parish council offices and meeting space in the local centre (opposite Berewood Primary School) and a larger community hall in the town park.   The outline proposal was presented to the West of Waterlooville Forum on 20th October.  The proposal was unanimously supported.  Minutes will be available on the Winchester City Council website shortly.  Further details about the buildings will be presented as part of a planning application.  This will be some time in the future as it will depend on the progress of house building and buying.  An estimate would be for 5 years time. 

Deed of Variation:

To avoid missing the trigger dates for providing information Grainger have asked for a deed of variation.  This is a legal document to allow the proposals above to be considered in good time.

Further reading can be found in the minutes and reports from the West of Waterlooville Forum in September and October.

The next meeting is the West of Waterlooville Advisory Group meeting at 7pm on 24th November at Berewood Primary School.

I’m off for the weekend so will reply to any comments on my return.