Linking Woodland

To the west of Yew Gardens, Phase 2 Berewood work is currently underway to relocate trees.  This is part of the ecology strategy to create a woodland link from Marrelsmoor Row to Newlands Row.

This link of trees will provide a route for a variety of wildlife to travel through the site avoiding the residential areas.  This is particularly important as Hazel Dormouse is a protected species and are known to live on the southern part of the major development area.

As the woodland grows it will also provide a buffer zone between Yew Gardens and the future homes planned for Phase 13.  As shown in the image below.

Buffer plantingImage for illustrative purpose only, development and planting areas are not to scale

Other work on site has included archaeological surveys. These have found further evidence of late prehistoric settlement and activity.  Further excavations will be taking place.

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