Monthly Archives: August 2017

Applications Update

Temporary Building:

Planning permission was granted for the temporary building application (17/00470/FUL), including a site office and community space, on the 31st July 2017.

Town Park (Phase A):

There have also been discharges of conditions for the multi use games area (MUGA for basketball and football) and youth shelter.  These will be built in the part of the Town Park next to Milk Lane.  This area will also have a play area, skate park and informal kick about area.  This is expected to be completed by the end of the year (2017).

New applications:

Applications have been submitted for:

  • Phase 13A, for 83 residential dwellings under reference 17/01772/REM
  • Pumping and substations near Phase 13A 17/01965/REM

The first can be viewed online at and the second will be available by the end of the week.

Other updates:

Archaeological investigation is taking place across the site.  There is a watching brief as construction starts on the first phase of the Town Park and the infrastructure (road) between phases 4 and 13 and multi use greenway.

Site plan from

Application update2

November Update

The next West of Waterlooville Advisory Group meeting will be on Thursday 30th November at Berewood Primary School at 7pm.

Minutes of the previous meetings can be viewed from here:

Application Updates

A new application has been received for the temporary building which changes the car park access and layout but not the building.  This can be viewed with reference 17/02559/FUL at

Redrow are in the process of submitting amended plans for phase 13A and when these have all been received this blog will be updated to confirm the dates for public comment.