New Applications Received

Over the holiday season an application was received for a new access to The White House from Purbrook Heath Road.  The reference is application 17/03228/FUL and can be viewed online here:

In addition an advertisement application was submitted for a directional notice board on the first roundabout within Berewood (facing the Asda roundabout) reference 17/03213/AVC

Further information for the temporary building (site office and community facility) application (17/02559/FUL) was submitted, to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and provide further information which had been requested.

Applications for Phases 13A, 9B and 10A are being progressed and are pending consideration.  Revised plans which are significantly different to the proposals will initiate a second consultation of the application (including opportunity for public comment).

Consultations will soon start for the play equipment at Newlands Walk and also for the Community Governance Review (proposal for a new Parish Council) – watch out for dates to be announced shortly.

The next Advisory Group meeting will be on Tuesday 30th January at Berewood Primary School, starting at 7pm.

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