Meet the Blog Author

West of Waterlooville Implementation Officer


In February 2016, after 8 years of supporting the development West of Waterlooville, Jacky Wilson retired.  I have now taken on the role of West of Waterlooville Implementation Officer.

Like Jacky (and for a short while Joseph McKee) I will be responsible for:

  • providing planning support to the lead case officers at both Winchester and Havant Local Authorities
  • liaising with the developers to ensure what has been agreed through the planning process is delivered on site
  • being the first point of contact for Councillors on planning issues
  • working closely with the Community Development Officer, Jaime Bridges, to keep residents and neighbours informed of the planned works (and to feedback to the developers)
  • updating this blog with information of what is happening around and about the site

I hope that you will find my updates useful.

Katie Stickland




9 responses to “Meet the Blog Author

  1. Dear Jacky,

    I am a website assistant at the Geographical Association, an educational charity supporting geography teachers. I am currently putting online a GCSE level decision making activity based around the issues of using Greenfield and Brownfield Sites for new Housing Developments. See to get a flavour of the page in development (accompanying powerpoint and handouts are yet be added).

    As you can see, the author has used the development around Waterlooville as an example and to enhance this page I was hoping to use the a) one of the photographs of the area where development will be taking place (in particular the picture of the protected tree) and b) the map of the proposed develeopment (as used in the banner of this blog).

    I wondered if you could point me in the right direction to gain permission to use either or both of these images on our open-access site for educational purposes.

    Thank you, looking foward to your reply.

    Kind Regards,


  2. Great site…keep up the good work. I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,

    A definite great read…:)


  3. Help ! just seen some new plans that came through the door yesterday
    looks like the field behind my house I thought was to be allotments is now to be a buliding site

    I posted the mail detailed below on the Newlands site.However if anyone can answer some of my questions would really appreciated it.
    As a resident of Purbrook Gardens (80) I have an obvious interest in the location of houses intended for construction directly to the rear of my property.

    On previous plans I have seen there were no plans to build houses directly behind the town houses at Purbrook Gardens (am sure it was ear marked for allotments) why the change ?
    It seems that of all other residents that are to be affected by this new development Purbrook Gardens is the most directly affected i.e everywhere else has either a main road industrial estate or trees or fields separating them from any construction yet we have it on our doorstep and potentially have to live on a building site for years.

    I am not against the development and understand probably more than most the need for affordable housing etc as bringing up a young family with four children is far from easy.
    However we have worked hard for years and have a happy and safe home so would appreciate my concerns to be taken in to account as we could be massively affected by this development !

    ● What are the sizes of the houses to be built on the site directly to the rear of my property ?
    ● Will the new houses be positioned so to over look my property ?
    ● What proximity of the nearest new home to mine (80 Purbrook grds)?
    ● What will be the proximity of the road to access the new homes to my property ?
    ● As the size of the gardens of the townhouses in Purbrook gardens are very small would there be an opportunity to purchase additional land to improve on this for the residents ?

    I have some other real concerns

    My first concern is one of access to the new homes

    Regards the use of the alleyway between my property (80) and that of (81).
    As I am led to believe the alleyway is private and for use of the residents to access there properties and “not” a public footpath.
    However it already acts as a public footpath for every Dog owner and rambler in the area who are too lazy to use the public footpath access on the London road. (most are considerate)
    However I have had a number of near misses with people on push bikes, mini motos’s and dog owners letting dogs off leads to run though the alleyway as we exit our property (I have a 2 yr old and 3 yr old so its a real worry that they could be hit my a push bike )
    We have also had lots of Damage to the fencing over the years by people learning over the fence into our property and bikes scraping down it etc
    The alleyway is a narrow space that echo’s noise between the two buildings and both my property and (81) front door open onto it.
    My concern is that it will be use in the same way by all the new residents of the development as it will certainly be the shortest route to the shops etc for any home built to the rear of Purbrook Gardens and hence the problems we currently have will just get worse..

    My other concerns are of Health and safety

    Its obvious form the plans that we will be living right on top a building site when works starts and hence have to noise and other pollutants and have real concerns living so close to a building site with young children and want to know how you intend protecting the site for access by inquisitive children etc.

    The other is in relation to the Gas plant near to Purbrook Gardens.Has the proximity of the new houses to the gas plant been looked into and are there any health and safety report’s available ?

    I look forward to receiving your reply

    Mr L.Cole

  4. Hi i live nearby and i want to no how i can go about putting my name down for 1 of the new houses or if that is even possible i would be great full for any information you can give me.

    Mrs M lambird

  5. Hi,
    I was walking along the footpath south of Duke’s Meadow, when I came upon what looks like a newly dug, large pond. At the moment it is dry. Is this part of a landscaping scheme? Can you tell me any more details?
    Mike Newey

  6. The site is a blite for Waterlooville.

  7. 7 responsesw between 2008 and 2012. It would seem that this site is rarely visited. I found it quit by chance.

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