Prior notifications

We have received a 5 day warning notice tree report for some trees to be felled in Marrelsmoor Coppice, at the rear of Purbrook Gardens. They are damaged and some considered dangerous to property.
One of our tree officers went to look at them yesterday and as a result we are permitting the felling of 5 trees, but the further 3 will have to be subject to a formal application.

2 responses to “Prior notifications

  1. Mrs Moira Steward

    When is this due to start and which houses are they behind as it is worrying when the weather is windy and wet as they must be further damaged by this.

    • Mrs Steward, they will be starting probably before Christmas if they meet certain pre-commencement requirements. The first phase will be directly off the Maurepas way roundabout and is 194 residential units. There are no existing residential units close by. If you have other queries please contact me jacky Wilson 01962 848583

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